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Interview with Harvard Divinity School, August 2015

"HDS alumnus the Rev. Keith Anderson, takes on these trends in his new book, The Digital Cathedral. He says that the interconnectedness of social media platforms has a counterpart in the medieval cathedral and its integration into the community. He urges his colleagues to think less about how to get people back to church, and more about bringing church to the people, whether online, at a community center, or even a morning commute."

Interview with Priest Pulse Podcast, May 2015

Ben and Colin from the Priest Pulse podcast interview Lutheran pastor Keith Anderson about his new book The Digital Cathedral: Networked Ministry in a Wireless World. Pastor Keith is co-author of Click2Save: the Digital Ministry Bible with Elizabeth Drescher, and editor of the Narthex. We discuss the impact of social media and the internet on congregational life, ministry, evangelism, pastoral care, and spirituality.

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